Joyce Bergsma

 Joyce Bergsma


Joyce is a qualified Nutritional Therapist. Joyce was brought up in Canada with home-grown food playing a central role in her family life. She studied and trained in London, England, before opening her clinic in 2010. She currently works from her clinic, delivering seminars, conducting workshops and giving personalised consultations. Joyce also delivers nutritional advice to companies on food related projects.

Joyce says "Our bodies are these amazing organisms that can heal themselves when in the right environment and given the right fuel. That means they are affected by what we think, eat, breathe and soak into our skin as well as by the exercise we do. Our organs are interconnected, so when you start to heal one part of your body, the rest often follows. Equally, when we fill our environment with negative thoughts and unhealthy food, we challenge our health and reduce our body's capacity to heal.

As a child, I used to suffer from eczema. It flared up again while I was studying nutrition. I discovered that I had a dairy intolerance that was causing the eczema. I gave up dairy and used some of the nutrition techniques I had learned to heal my gut and improve my liver function. Now, my dairy intolerance is gone. I can eat dairy if I want to, without suffering any side-effects.

When I met Lisa I was exercising solely for health reasons, but now I've found a love for it! Lisa’s enthusiasm for health is inspiring and fits into my ideals of a healthy lifestyle. How you look on the outside may be an indication of your health, but it is what's on the inside is what really counts. I listen to my body and respond to what it tells me. I encourage my clients to do the same. I aim every day to improve my diet and health by giving my body what it needs."

Since leaving Canada, Joyce has travelled to many countries, learning about how foods vary from culture to culture. In her spare time, you'll find her cooking, gathering wild herbs, making fermented foods and focusing on how to make food a happy, healthy affair for everyone.

Joyce is the Founder and Director of the EatLiveLovefood nutrition clinic